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Amanda Dixon

Amanda Dixon is a designer and visual artsist with a particular interest in wildlife and pets. Her drawings depict four legged friends that are linked closly to human life, and wildlife that is in danger from human life. To see more of Amanda Dixon's work > VISIT HERE


Lucinda studio


Lucinda Strahan

Lucinda Strahan is a writer and journalist with an ongoing interest in visual languages and hybrid forms. She has published extensively on visual art and culture in newspapers, magazines and arts journals, and her experimental literary-visual works have been shown in the exhibitions ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ (2008) and ‘Writing Naked’ (2009). Lucinda is currently working on a literary-visual project based on a series of personal essays as part of a PhD candidature in Creative Writing at Wollongong University. She is a faculty member in the School Media and Communication at RMIT University. To discover more about Lucinda's writing projects > VISIT HERE 

TOm Vincent  

Tom Vincent

Hailing from Melbourne, Tom Vincent's first experiences of the art world were through street art and graffiti. Whilst painting train corridors and laneways as a teen he uncovered the concept of 'sacred geometry', a science that gives a multi-faceted understanding of our reality. Through the study of this science, Vincent was prompted to move his practice into the studio and hence began a detailed investigation of the patterns of this world. To find out more about Tom Vincent's practice > VISIT HERE

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