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LINDEN NEW ART provides a range of public programs and events that support our exhibition program. Find out more here.


Independent tutors conduct a range of classes in the Art Studio and Multipurpose room. If you are interested in running a class at Linden find out more here.


Current Tutors are listed below.

Please note > Linden does not run these sessions, they are run by independent tutors. Contact the tutor directly to enquire about class times and session content.



Linda Gibbs > Learn To Paint


Anselm Van Rood > Awakening The Eye


Anselm Van Rood > Linden Life Drawing






Ina Becker > Sansara Yoga


Alison Ritchie > Soul Train Yoga


Michele Troughear > A Divine Place To Be


Sarah Wilmot > Speechpathways


Therese Kulle > melyoga


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