EXHIBITIONS    Innovators 1, 2010

Lisa Barmby Slender Harbour 2010

10 April 2010 > 9 May 2010  

Lisa Barmby, Slender Harbour, installation in paint, gold leaf, mixed media

Photograph > Dean McCartney


Five artists explore ideas of scale, perspective and relationship with viewers. Benedict Earnt’s, Pebble Botannica and (It will be a) New Garden - occupy the extremes of scale, from the monolithic to the miniature. The work of Lisa Barmby considers the gondola pole's mysterious aura and compression of meaning as it transforms Venetian spaces like street signs or trees in a forest marking and reorganising fluid space.


Tess Milne’s work, 20 Halifax Street, destabilises traditional associations of urban environments whilst Andy Hutson considers a doomed future with his presentation of a derelict world with, Everything you Know is About to Change, Forever. Skye Kennewell also reflects on a gloomy future ofno inhabitants with Buildage, a timber structure resembling a flat-pack cloaked in gloom amidst a darkened, empty gallery. Exhibition artists include, Benedict Ernst; Andy Hutson; Skye Kennewell; Lisa Barmby and Tess Milne.


Exhibiting artists:

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Lisa Barmby

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