EXHIBITIONS    Innovators 3, 2010

Innovators 3, 2010

13 November 2010 > 12 December 2010  

Laura Woodward, Underwing, Installation view

Photograph > Dean McCartney

Movement, space and science all feature in the last of the Innovators exhibition for 2010. William Mackrell’s video installation challenges the physicality of the object within. Laura Woodward’s Underwing, is an ambiguous structure that forces viewers to ‘fill the gaps,’ visually and psychologically in order to make sense of what is viewed. The study of Oribotics, a field of research combining the aesthetic and biomechanic nature of origami and robotics, is explored through Matthew Gardiner’s stunningly complex moving-image installation.


Abandoned ski equipment, said to have belonged to a lost people, was all that was found atop a mountain. Through Escape Into The Void, Wanda Gillespie explores the occasionally thin membranes separating the real and imagined world questioning the outcome of these lost people’s fate. The Problem of Explaining the Beginning of Time, by Tanya Schultz & Clare Peake transforms the space into a laboratory where ideas are tested to reveal the potential of ordinary things.


Exhibiting artists:

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