EXHIBITIONS    Interior Castle, 2010

Interior Castle 

18 September 2010 > 17 October 2010  

Elizabeth Presa, Installation view

Photograph > Dean McCartney

Sculptor, Elizabeth Presa has worked in collaboration with architect Greg Burgess to produce an installation inspired by the 16th century text on mystical experience by Spanish Saint Teresa of Avila. Reflecting the Teresian accounts of the seven interior mansions through which the soul journeys towards God, Linden’s galleries function as chapels or laboratories for healing, contemplation, mediation and transformation. This project poses questions as to what constitutes personal and social transformation in a contemporary secular society. The installation considers how art and architecture may help provide conditions that facilitate a deeper engagement with the self and others.


The distinctive architecture at Linden is transformed through the use of both real and virtual elements including ice, mist and water, as well as minerals, fruit, plants and silkworms as referenced through St Teresa's writings. A series of chapels, objects and raw plaster gutters, sculpted by Elizabeth Presa map an interior architecture, while the thresholds and seating/kneeling niches designed by Greg Burgess provide places for meditation. At different times throughout the duration of the exhibition, each of the 'chapels' or 'laboratories' will be activated by readings, meals and conversations.


Exhibiting artists:

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