EXHIBITIONS    The Bedroom Project, 2010

The Bedroom Project

29 October 2010 > 7 November 2010  

THE RABBLE, Performance installation

Photograph > Dean McCartney


The Bedroom Project is a haunting performance and installation enshrining the secrets, fantasies and histories of two women. Linden is transformed into shrines of the sadness and exhilaration of awakening and the darkness and wonderment of loss. Each performance takes the audience through inhabited spaces that reveal fragmented narratives about the degradation of youth and the struggle with mortality.


THE RABBLE was formed in 2006 and is an ongoing conversation about aesthetic, process and thematics between its artistic directors which results in experimental theatre projects. THE RABBLE artists include 
Dan Spielman; Kate Davis; Emma Valente; Dana Miltins and Mary Helen Sassman.


Exhibiting artists:

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