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Peter Daverington, Artist Case Study

Peter Daverington, Artist Case Study

Peter Daverington > Biography

Peter Daverington was born in Melbourne in 1974 and completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts (2006). His personal iconography expressed in painting, moving image, sound and sculpture has been deeply informed by art history and twelve years travelling throughout the Middle East, Turkey, India, Central America and Africa. Since 2004, Daverington has held multiple solo exhibitions and has been included in group exhibitions at museums and non-profit art spaces including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Bendigo Art Gallery, Gippsland Art Gallery, Geelong Art Gallery and Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts. He was commissioned to paint public murals in Ahrweiler, Germany (1996 and 2010); Buenos Aires (2006); Istanbul (1997); Melbourne (1991- 2004); New York (2013); San Pedro, Guatemala (1994); Shanghai (2013); Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (1997) and Sydney (1991 and 2011). Peter lives in Beacon, New York and is represented by Arc One Gallery in Melbourne.

Peter Daverington > Case Study

Peter Daverington exhibited at Linden as part of Innovators 1, 2013. This exhibition was timely for Peter as he was able to exhibit work produced on a Rupert Bunny Fellowship, which stipulated that the work produced must be shown to a City of Port Phillip audience. Peter benefited from exhibiting at Linden, as he was able to show experimental work and ideas in their formative stages. By showing work outside the commercial gallery sphere Peter was able to create a different context for his work and build new audiences. As a result of exhibiting at Linden, Peter had one of his works collected by The City of Port Phillip, a public collecting institution. Peter acknowledged the difficulty exhibiting in a unique heritage environment as opposed to a white cube space, however noted that he liked the warmth of the building with its homely old-world rooms and fireplaces. Peter found his overall experience of exhibiting at Linden, positive and supportive, 'I really enjoyed working with the Victorian era architecture at Linden and juxtaposing my work against its old world charm'. Find out more about Peter Daverington > HERE 

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