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Danie Mellor, Artist Case Study

Danie Mellor, Artist Case Study

Danie Mellor > Biography

Danie Mellor is a visual artist based in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Danie has completed a Bachelor of Art (Visual) with Honours at the Canberra School of Art, Australian National University; a Master of Arts (Fine Arts) at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England and a PhD at the National Institute of the Arts, Australian National University. Danie’s work history includes numerous positions held at the Australian Council of the Arts including his current role as Chair of Art Practice, Visual Arts (appointed 2014). He was also a senior lecturer at the Sydney College of the Arts until 2014 and his works are held in collections across both Australia and internationally. Danie works across a variety of media including printmaking, drawing and sculpture. His work has explored in depth the issues and complexities of shared histories in Australia, and his Indigenous and mixed heritage. Danie has recently exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong, Jan Murphy Galleries (2014), Primordial:SuperNaturalBayiMinyjirral at the National Museum of Scotland (2014) and Danie Mellor Exotic Lies Sacred Ties, a touring exhibition with the University of Queensland Art Museum (2014). Danie has also exhibited at Linden as part of the group show titled, Omission (2012). Danie is represented by Sophie Gannon Gallery and Jan Murphy Gallery in Melbourne. Find out more about Danie > HERE


Danie Mellor > Case Study

In 2012, Danie first exhibited at Linden as part of the group show, omission. Danie felt that the exhibition, which considered Australia’s tragic colonial history was a valuable opportunity to exhibit works that had not been previously shown together. Although Danie’s works were not developed specifically to suit the architecture at Linden, Danie noted that the building helped further contribute to readings of the imagery and content of his works. He felt that the space at Linden was ideal for showing his works. Shortly after exhibiting at Linden, one of Danie’s works exhibited as part of omission was acquired by National Museums Scotland and another was placed with a collectors group. For Danie, one of the most important parts about working with Linden was to be able to ‘have work shown in Melbourne.’

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