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Special Event > Decibel New Music Performance

Special Event > Decibel New Music Performance

Thursday 29 August 2019 > 6PM to 8PM


In a very special event, Decibel New Music Ensemble will perform Cat Hope’s work Sub Decorative Sequences with special guest Lionel Marchetti.


Inspired by the decorative elements of Linden’s interior and exterior design, Hope has created graphic scores to be performed by the ensemble in the gallery space. Featuring a cello, viola, bass clarinet, bass flute, percussion and electronics, this concert is part of their #Db10at10 celebration year.


About the artists

Cat Hope is a composer, sound artist, performer, song writer and noise artist. She is classically trained flautist, self-taught vocalist and experimental bassist who plays as a soloist and as part of other groups. Her music is conceptually driven, exploring the physicality of sound in different media, using graphic scores, acoustic /electronic combinations, aleatoric elements, drones, noise and glissandi. Her work has been discussed in books such as Loading the Silence (Kouvaris, 2013), Women of Note (Appleby, 2012), Sounding Postmodernism (Bennett, 2011) as well as periodicals such as The Wire (UK, 2013), Limelight (Aus, 2012) and Neu Zeitschrift Fur Musik Shaft (Germany, 2012). Her works have been recorded for Australian, German and Austrian national radio, as well as range of international labels. Find out more about Cat Hope.


Founded in 2009, Decibel are world leaders in the integration of acoustic instruments and electronics, the interpretation of graphic notations and pioneering digital score formats for composition and performance. Decibel have commissioned over 60 new works since their foundation in 2009, have toured Europe and Australia, recorded for ABC Classic FM and SWR German Radio, and released five albums to date on Australian and international labels.

Decibel are Cat Hope (artistic director, flutes, bass), Lindsay Vickery (reeds), Stuart James (electronics, keyboards, drum kit), Aaron Wyatt (viola), Tristen Parr (cello) and Louise Devenish (percussion). Find out more about Decibel.


Lionel Marchetti is a visual artist as well as a sound artist. Marchetti and Hope have collaborated over the past few years, both as a composer, and as part of Decibel. Listen to Cat Hope and Lionel Marchetti.


WHEN > Thursday 29 August 2019 > 6PM to 8PM
VENUE > Linden New Art, 26 Acland Street, St Kilda
COST > $15



IMAGE > Decibel New Music Ensemble, 2019. Photograph: Rachael Barrett.

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