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Crafternoon for Adults > Rainforest Terrariums

Crafternoon for Adults > Rainforest Terrariums

Saturday 9 February 2019, 11AM-1PM


Terrariums are a beautiful way to keep plants indoors and decorate your home. A closed rainforest terrarium is a miniature ecosystem consisting of plants, stones, moss, other materials and figurines, crystals or ornaments for decoration.
In this eco-friendly Crafternoon at Linden New Art, you will learn how to build a healthy ecosystem and maintain it for years to come with the creative makers from
Put Your Heart Into It.
You will leave with your own large terrarium and a head full of ideas on how you can make more!
Presented by Linden New Art as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2019.


WHEN > Saturday 9 February 2019, 11AM to 1PM
VENUE > Linden New Art, 26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182
COST > $85, includes all materials. Ages 15+



ABOUT YOUR TEACHER > Laura Issell is a leader in Sustainable Event Management, Creative Direction and Space Design, specialising in environmental, community and social change. She is the founding director of Put Your Heart Into It (PYHII) and a passionate sustainable living advocate.

After establishing PYHII over five years ago, Laura has come to specialise in curating thousands of sustainable events with thought provoking installations and displays. She has also grown an inclusive community that encourages creativity, sharing and an authentic connection to the environment through specialised workshops and offers ethical catering as educational food art installations supporting community gardens and local growers.

Creating essential change that addresses pertinent issues relating to climate change and waste in relation to food waste, event management and a holistic connection to our environment. Extending to society's value system, stemming from an authentic connection to local organic food.



IMAGE > Courtesy of Put Your Heart Into It.

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