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Crafternoon for Adults > Clay Coolamons with Woven Base

Crafternoon for Adults > Clay Coolamons with Woven Base

Saturday 15 June 2019 > 12.30PM to 3.30PM


Sorry this event has been cancelled.

Coolamons are traditionally used by many Aboriginal tribes around Australia. They are vessels mainly used by women for collecting bush tucker or to hold sleeping babies. Coolamons are featured throughout Baluk Arts > Elements exhibition to represent a holding of memory and connection.


Join two Baluk artists and learn how to create your own clay coolamon to take home. You will paint and decorate your coolamon using local ochres from the Mornington Peninsula and learn how to weave a base for your coolamon to rest on. Each participant will walk away with their own coolamon, knowledge of how to weave and an appreciation of handmade pigment.


WHEN > Saturday 15 June 2019, 12.30PM to 3.30PM
VENUE > Linden New Art, 26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182
COST > $66 suitable for ages 15+



IMAGE > Lisa Waup, cradling, 2019, screen printed bull kelp, feathers, possum skin, pandanus, tawny frog mouth owl feathers, 100% cotton thread. Photograph: Jasmin McNeill.

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